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About Dr. Ramtin Massoudi

Dr. Massoudi is a vein specialist who also provides cosmetic and medical care services. He believes in delivering thorough and personalized treatments for each of his patients.

By combining cosmetics and medical care in his practice, Dr. Massoudi is not only able to treat the veins, but he also addresses the surrounding medical conditions, and also satisfies the patient’s aesthetic needs. Dr. Massoudi has a background in preventing complication from Poly-pharmacy, which is why he takes great time and care when dealing with patients who have previously been given diagnoses, medications, and treatment regimens. This, combined with his expertise in Venous and Lymphatic medicine, makes him the ideal candidate to maintain a healthy treatment regimen for his patients. Dr. Massoudi has performed endless amounts of successful procedures and has implemented and perfected his own cautionary measures in order to provide the safest care possible.
Dr. Massoudi attended the University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for his undergraduate degrees. He went on to graduate from the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) School of Medicine in St. Marteen N.A., and attended his residency ay University Of Illinois At Chicago (UIC).
Dr. Massoudi cares about your treatment and results.
Specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic, laser and vein surgery, Dr. Massoudi is certified by the American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine, and Board eligible by the American Board of Family Medicine, and the American Board of Anti-Aging. By combining these areas of expertise, Dr. Massoudi has been able to create a well-rounded practice and holistic approach here at Aluna Vein Centers.
“I find the source of the problem rather than masking it” - 
Dr. Ramtin Massoudi
The staff is attentive, knowledgeable and always there to assist you. With three state-of-the art locations to serve you, Aluna Vein Centers can accommodate your schedule.

About Our Team

Aluna Vein Centers has a multilingual and multicultural staff that speaks: English, Spanish, Farsi, Tagalog, Russian, and Armenian. We strive to offer you the very best in customer service and always willing to give the extra care to make you comfortable.

Ultrasound Technicians

Yuriy Yablochnik – RVT
Yuriy has over 10 years of experience as an ultrasound tech and has been with Dr. Massoudi for 7 of those years! He is also originally from Russia, so for those of you who need help with translation, or just want to speak Russian, Yuriy is your guy!

Front Office

Arezoo Mohammadi – MA
Arezoo speaks Farsi and English, and has been with us for years. You can call any of our phone numbers and ask for her directly.
Tamiko Nazarian – Office Assistant
Tamiko is our Armenian, Farsi, and English speaking office assistant who can help you with any questions you may have.
Tracy Carrasco – MA, Insurance Specialist
Tracy has been with Aluna Vein Centers the longest. She assisted Dr. Massoudi in making the practice what it is today so if you have any questions you can most certainly ask her! Tracy has played every part in our office, from assisting with procedures to scheduling appointments, but today she is primarily our insurance specialist. She is also our Spanish speaker! If you have questions regarding insurance coverage or need to speak Spanish you can reach her at any of our phone numbers.
Cherrilyn Bahadur – Biller
Cherrilyn has been our biller for 12 years. Her direct line is: (424)324-2299. Please call with any billing related questions.
Aluna Centers offer minimally invasive vein, vascular and endovascular, laser, and cosmetic treatments to residents living throughout Southern California from our Beverly Hills, Encino, and Glendale office locations.
By combining medical care and cosmetics, Dr. Massoudi is able to treat the veins, address the surrounding medical conditions, and satisfy his patients’ aesthetic needs. As a service-oriented practice, every one of our vein treatment center staff members is courteous, helpful and available to accommodate our patients’ unique needs.
We Speak Several Languages
We’re proud to have a multicultural staff providing care to the Encino, Glendale, and Beverley Hills areas. Our team speaks several languages, including:
When you’re our patient, you can expect to receive the very best in patient care and customer service. We are also willing to give you the extra care necessary to make you feel comfortable while spending time with us at one of our Southern California vein treatment centers.
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