Duplex Ultrasound Evaluation

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Duplex Ultrasound Evaluation

What is a duplex ultrasound evaluation?

When you come in for your first vein consultation, one of our Registered Vascular Technicians (RVT) will likely perform an ultrasound. The ultrasound is a vital component in diagnosing vein disorders. Only then can Dr. Massoudi begin the appropriate treatment specific to your condition. The process involves changing into our disposable shorts, and standing for a short time while the technician guides a ultrasound probe (small sensor) along your leg in order to map and measure the faulty veins. Once the ultrasound is done, Dr. Massoudi will come in to evaluate the results and discuss treatment options with you.


When is an ultrasound evaluation necessary?

When you call to schedule a vein consultation, our staff member will ask if you have pain, heaviness, or other symptoms in your legs. If you do, you will most likely need an ultrasound evaluation to find the source of these problems.
In some cases, an ultrasound is not necessary. This is usually when the patient has not experienced these indicators of venous insufficiency, and is only bothered by the unsightly appearance of the veins, a condition commonly referred to as SPIDER VEINS. Spider veins require cosmetic treatment, which is not typically covered by INSURANCE because they are not considered problematic to ones health. However, varicose can be a result of a larger cardiovascular issue.

Does health insurance cover an ultrasound evaluation?

Yes, insurance usually covers what they deem “medically necessary.” As discussed above, the presence of these signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency in the legs is often enough to qualify a patient for insurance coverage. However, it ultimately depends on the insurance company, and though we accept most PPOs and Medicare, coverage cannot be guaranteed without checking with your specific insurance plan. To speed this process along, we ask that you have your insurance card readily available while scheduling your appointment so that we can collect the necessary information in order to see if you will be covered for your visit.

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