Endovenous Laser Treatment

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Endovenous Laser Treatment

At Aluna Vein Centers, we proudly offer a wide range of minimally invasive vein treatments in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Encino, and Glendale. Our vein specialist, Dr. Massoudi, often sees patients with varicose veins that are enlarged, bulgy, and twisted veins that mostly affect the legs and feet. Patients who have varicose veins often experience pain, leg cramps, heaviness, burning, throbbing, or restlessness in the affected leg.
Years ago, the standard treatment for varicose veins was done surgically in a procedure called “vein stripping” where the affected vein was completely removed from the leg. However, today, Endovenous Laser Treatment or EVLT is considered the “Gold Standard” in varicose vein treatment because it offers superior results with limited side effects. If you’re suffering from varicose veins, EVLT is an excellent treatment to consider that doesn’t require any hospitalization or complicated surgery.
Endovenous laser treatment is most often the preferred treatment for veins that are wide and straight like the Great Saphenous Veins (GSV) and the Small Saphenous Veins (SSV). This treatment involves using laser or radio frequency to shrink and close the inadequate vein permanently, without leaving behind any visible scarring.
Because this is an in-office procedure, it’s very simple and doesn’t require much preparation on your part. However, we do have a few recommendations for you before coming in for your EVLT procedure, which we’ll remind you of when calling to confirm your appointment:
  • Do not consume any caffeine on the day of your procedure.
  • Please bring (don’t wear) your compression stocking. If you don’t have a stocking, you can purchase one here.
  • We recommend that you shower beforehand so the area is kept dry for 24 hours following your procedure.
  • If you maintain an exercise routine, please plan accordingly because we will recommend no vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for two days following the procedure.
The entire EVLT procedure takes under an hour to complete and is done in-office at Aluna Centers. When you visit us for varicose vein treatment in Encino, Glendale or Beverly Hills, you can expect the following to occur during your appointment.

  • A local anesthetic is used to numb the area.
  • Under ultrasonic guidance, Dr. Massoudi will insert a needle into the faulty vein.
  • A small wire is then threaded through the needle, and the needle is removed.
  • Using a 2 mm incision, a small tube called a catheter is advanced over the wire and into the vein in order to accommodate the laser fiber or radio frequency ablation (RFA) device.
  • The laser tip or RFA device is advanced and placed 3 cm from the junction, to eliminate the production of a blood clot.
  • A numbing agent is then injected along the entire length of the vein to protect the surrounding tissue, minimize discomfort, and to remove the blood from the vein.
  • The laser device is then turned on and the catheter is slowly pulled back through the vein, allowing the heat of the laser fiber to thermally injure the lining of the diseased vein, closing it permanently.
Once the vein is closed, the blood that was circulating through the vein is naturally rerouted to other healthy veins. Over time, the closed vein is naturally absorbed by the body. This is a minimally invasive procedure that results in no visible scarring.
When Dr. Massoudi finishes the procedure, we will place small strips of sterile surgical tape called steri strips over the entrance incision. Then we will put a prescription-strength compression stocking over the leg and some wrapped bandages to keep pressure on the leg. We’ll have you get up and walk for 20 minutes immediately after the procedure. You will be able to drive and resume your daily activities immediately once you leave our office.

Post-Procedure Care

Once you’ve seen us for varicose vein removal in Encino, Glendale, or Beverly Hills, you will be given the following post-care instructions:

  • 24 hours after the procedure, you can remove the top bandages and compression stocking in order to take a quick shower. The steri strips should not be removed. They will eventually fall off on their own.
  • After showering, be sure to put the compression stocking back on immediately. There is no need to apply the bandages again. You should wear the compression stocking during the day for at least two months and only remove it when showering or bathing.
  • We recommend that you are up, walking, and performing your daily activities as much as possible.
  • To treat any bruising or swelling you may have, we recommend taking Arnica. You simply put five pellets under your tongue, three times per day. You can purchase this homeopathic supplement at our offices or find it in health food stores.

Contact Aluna Centers

Aluna Centers makes it easy to get the vein treatment you need in Beverly Hills, Encino, and Glendale! If you have any questions about endovenous laser treatment, please feel free to contact us for the answers you need. If you’d like to find out if EVLT is the right varicose vein treatment for you, please call our central number at (310) 855-7171 to set up an appointment time. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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