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The diosmin in Vasculera® (diosmiplex) is a well-studied molecule with a long history of use for the management of CVI and its complications including acute and chronic hemorrhoidal disease. Flavonoids are a large class of plant based molecules that possess many important physiological effects in humans. Diosmin is a naturally occurring flavonoid that can be isolated from food sources such as citrus or derived from a related flavonoid called hesperidin found primarily in oranges. Side effects are relatively minor, the most common being mild upper gastrointestinal discomfort which occurs in about 5% of users but tends to clear after a short period of use.
This means that Vasculera, a prescription medical food product, is a safe option for the clinical dietary management of CVI and its resulting conditions, including hemorrhoid patients. While many of the procedures used to treat CVI and acute hemorrhoidal disease are effective for some patients, they are not without risk and they can be very costly. For CVI especially, these procedures focus on cosmetic correction of the appearance of veins or treatment of more severe secondary problems such as venous ulcers rather than the underlying disease state.
Vasculera comes in a tablet and works in several ways to address CVI. The diosmin in Vasculera manages several metabolic aspects of CVI including inflammation and the acidic environment that develops in veins when blood flow is slowed and which increases inflammation in the vein wall. Vasculera also acts as a potent antioxidant to damp the inflammatory process. The net effect is to manage venous tone, maintain the supporting tissue pressure around veins and manage venous blood flow. Results may appear in as little as one week but may not be seen for 4 to 8 weeks. For venous ulcers, results may not be seen for several months.
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